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Zoom Room License

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The Zoom Room license supports one tap to join meeting rooms, one click wireless proximity share, in addition to HDMI or on a browser, wireless multishare, where multiple participants can share at the same time to show different displays within the same meeting, 1080p HD video and audio, a digital signage feature, where the displays will show content automatically for employees and guests, unlimited scheduling displays, room management, minimizing setup costs and IT support with enterprise-grade room management. This means remote management and software provisioning, set and manage rooms by location hierarchies, and role-based administration and alerts for room issues.

With a touch display device, touch interactive whiteboard and co-annotation is possible. This license also supports up to 10 room controllers, 3 displays, and unlimited cameras in the room. There are also features such as one-click to join third party meetings, or meetings where Zoom Rooms can be invited to meetings with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts or BlueJeans and join the meeting with one click. This may be useful for companies migrating to Zoom from other video conferencing solutions or who work with vendors and customers who use 3rd party meeting services.

The host of the third-party meeting will need one of the following interop services enabled:

  • •  Polycom RealConnect
  • •  Pexip
  • •  Webex CMR
  • •  GTM InRoomLink
  • •  BlueJeans interop (already included with BlueJeans Meetings)

Finally, Zoom Rooms works with appliance hardware, not included, and open hardware ecosystems. This license has the ability to be integrated with Office 365, Google, and exchange. It is user-friendly, and Cloud meeting recordings and transcriptions are available for the rooms.


  • •  One tap to join meeting rooms
  • •  One click wireless proximity share 
  • •  Wireless multishare 
  • •  1080p HD video & audio
  • •  Supports up to 1,000 video participants, or 10,000 webinar viewers 
  • •  Unlimited Digital Signage in and out of rooms 
  • •  Unlimited Scheduling Displays 
  • •  Room management 
  • •  Touch interactive whiteboarding and co-annotation 
  • •  Lighting and environmental room controls 
  • •  Supports up to 10 room controllers
  • •  Supports up to 3 displays
  • •  Supports unlimited cameras in the room 
  • •  One-click to join third party meetings 
  • •  Works with Appliance hardware and an open hardware ecosystem 
  • •  Calendar integrations with Office 365, Google, and Exchange
  • •  User-friendly control interface
  • •  Cloud meeting recording and transcription